Each year Alliuris  releases a CD in the  Classic Edition. This is part of a program to support young musicians in Europe and worldwide.
Music is a power without borders that helps to connect people throughout the world.

Classic Edition 2017

Classic Edition 2017 –  Trio Tooten. The CD contains music composed by Ludwig van Beethoven; String Trio Op. 8 in D major and String Trio Op. 9 in c minor. Orsolya Horváth studied at the Franz [...]

Classic Edition 2016

Classic Edition 2016 – Music connects worlds. The same is true for our Alliuris Group, but from a legal standpoint. The member firms of Alliuris have established this alliance in order to [...]

Classic Edition 2015

Classic Edition 2015 – Elisa Caluwaerts. Thanks to her versatility and captivating personality, soprano Elise Caluwaerts has grown into a renowned soloist both in Belgium and abroad. Elise [...]

Classic Edition 2014

Classic Edition 2014 –  Iris Luypaers, Inge Spinette and Bart Van Caenegem. Iris Luypaers – Soprano, is a young Belgian studied at the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp and fulfilled her [...]

Classic Edition 2013

Classic Edition 2013 –  Thomas Blondelle and Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort. This collection of German Lieder has the big ambition to make you dream away. This naturally means in the first place: to [...]

Classic Edition 2012

Classic Edition 2012 –  Trio Kerberos is an ensemble composed by three young Belgian musicians coming from the three different language communities of the three country. Accomplished chamber [...]

Classic Edition 2011

Classic Edition 2011 – Le Caprice Baroque; is a muscial ensemble which aims to share the renaissance and baroque repertoires with a large public. It is played at numerous festivals as well. [...]

Classic Edition 2010

Classic Edition 2010 – Trio Cube. At first sight, the geometric form of a cube has little in common with a classical piano trio. However, as a volume, the cube represents the musical dimensions [...]

Classic Edition 2009

Classic Edition 2009 – Cifolelli and Tomek. This year we present the tenor Stefan Cifolelli accompanied on the piano by Peter Tomek. They are presenting music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Don [...]

Classic Edition 2008

Classic Edition 2008 – Eerens, Blondell and van den Brempt. The operas of the Italien grandmasters are to be found in the basic repertoire of every singer and opera house – but their [...]

Classic Edition 2007

Classic Edition 2007 – New Symphony Orchestra. The New Symphony Orchestra was concieved by music critic Julia Hristova with the intent of establishing an alternative music institution for young [...]

Classic Edition 2006

Classic Edtion 2006 – Sergey Sobolev. On this CD we present you a music student born 1982 in Zhukovsky, Russia. Sergey Sobolev graduated from the Moscow State Conservatory´s Academic Music [...]

Classic Edition 2005

Currently consisting of two compact discs: Classic Edition 2005 – Noémie Schellens and Kobe Baeyens. Some outstanding young musicians at the beginning of a beautiful international career are [...]

Classic Edition 2004

Classic Edition 2004 – State Academy of Music and Theatre, Hanover. In 2000, the State College of Music and Theatre in Hannover, Germany established an institute for early advancement of highly [...]

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