Information is the new gold

Digital Information systems have had a large and positive impact on our lives, driving social and economic improvement. Digitalisation has led to an all-encompassing improvement in both the business world and within people’s private lives.


Digital Business

Digitalization is a powerful driving force in the modern economy. Alliuris firms advise companies in all aspects of national and international digitalization projects. New business models require a careful examination of their legal and contractual structure.

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Cyber Security

Cyber security and protecting our computer networks, programs and data from unauthorised access and attacks, is one of the biggest challenges faced by business owners today and often acts as an obstacle when considering digitalisation of processes within companies.


Data Protection

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the new European directive that came into force on 25 May this year. GDPR requires that companies must implement new and stricter requirements on how personal data is processed or face severe monetary restrictions. Alliuris firms can advise businesses on the actions it must take to ensure compliance with the new GDPR regulation.


Data Ownership

Owning the rights to control access to information obtained through the processing of data (machine data or “big data”) can be a valuable asset, providing insight to enhance business operations. Accordingly, it is important to control how this data is collected, used, and shared.


Data Compliance

Data Compliance is governed not only by private contracts, but also statutory and regulatory provisions. Of course the data protection law is one of the strictest legal frameworks, but also media law, telecom law, competition and export law can play a major role.


Digital Technology

Digital technology is present in most businesses today. Service and trade models are based on digital technology. Platforms, networks, ecommerce and integrated industry is just a part of the broad range of digital technology available – often driven by big data and artificial intelligence.

Legal Services for


Alliuris members have experience across the whole transportation and logistics sector, including aviation, maritime, rail and supply chain.



Alliuris members have experience across the whole energy and natural resources sector including wind, water, solar, biomass, fossil and technology.



Alliuris members advise a range of clients across the life sciences sector, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare and medical devices companies.



Digital Information systems have had a large and positive impact on our lives, driving social and economic improvement.

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