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Companies are faced with ever increasing competition and challenges from globalization. You therefore need to develop and strengthen your relations in the European and the global markets.
Alliuris firms can greatly assist businesses in your international and cross-border legal business needs.

The Alliuris Group is a strong alliance of independent, medium sized law firms in Europe, USA, Latin America and Asia, specialised in European and international business law. The experience of our firms covers the areas of civil, corporate and commercial law, enabling you to achieve your international business goals on a sound legal basis.

„One of the great things about Alliuris is that all of the lawyers that we work with are highly professional and competent.“

Ray Vandenberg,
New York City

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Cloud Computing

Hanover, January 2023 | Companies are shifting their digital functions and processes to external platforms to an ever greater extent. The outsourcing of IT services to the cloud has led to a [...]

Data Protection Update USA

Brussels/Hanover, September 2022 | The US Congress has taken a new approach to a uniform US federal data protection law, the American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA). So far, no uniform [...]

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To ensure your establishment in European and Global markets, you may need a representative office or a branch operation, a wholly owned subsidiary, a joint venture with local partners or even an operation for production etc.



Global markets are the basis for the international growth of a company. When entering new markets it is essential that you do so on a sound legal footing. Potential pitfalls and areas of conflict with your customers should be avoided wherever possible.



Technical innovation and technology are the driving forces for development and sustaining competitive advantage for companies.


The ALLIURIS Group is composed of independent, medium sized law firms in Europe, who specialise in European and international business law. The experience of the firms covers all areas of civil and commercial law – to enable them to fulfil all the requirements of the medium sized company. View profiles

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