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Classic Edtion 2006 – Sergey Sobolev. On this CD we present you a music student born 1982 in Zhukovsky, Russia. Sergey Sobolev graduated from the Moscow State Conservatory´s Academic Music College in 1996, in 2000 he became a student at the Moscow State Conservatory. He has been awarded several prizes including „Triumph“, special prize of the Russian Federation President and diploma and the best prize of American Scriabin Society for the best performance of the 5th Sonata by Scriabin.

On this CD he presents the Sonata No. 6 op. 82 in A major of Sergej Prokofiev as well as Six Bagatelles op. 126 by Ludwig van Beethoven. Also Frédéric Chopins Ballade No. 4 op. 52 in F minor and Sonata No. 4 op. 30 in F-sharp minor by Alexander Scriabin are presented on this CD.

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