Trade and Commerce

When entering new markets it is essential that you do so on a sound legal footing. Potential pitfalls and areas of conflict with your customers should be avoided wherever possible and in particular with regard to:

  •   International contracts with customers
  •   International general terms and conditions
  •   Export terms and conditions
  •   Eecuring payment and title to goods
  •   Product liability

Real Estate

To establish a presence in the market you will soon need the right premises, first perhaps a commercial leased office, later maybe a full production site and perhaps even residential properties for staff. Our members can advise you on:

  •   Property lease contracts
  •   Property purchases (and sale)
  •   Real estate financing
  •   Construction and service contracts
  •   Environment protection requirements
  •   Inheritance of property abroad


Free markets always mean competition, but the understanding of what fair competition is may differ from country to country. It is therefore important to meet the legal requirements in marketing, sales and advertising for the country of operation. Our members can advise you in relation to keeping to the rules of fair competition, and in defending you against unfair competition from others in:

  •    Advertising in print, the media and Ecommerce
  •    Special sales and marketing activities
  •    Defining prices and other terms and conditions
  •    Organising direct marketing campaigns
  •    Using customer databases and online services


The legal framework for the structure of a free market also has to be observed, including:

  •   Antitrust rules in the relevant jurisdiction
  •   Merger control for acquisitions
  •   Rules for appointed distributors
  •   Rules against restrictions in distribution agreements
  •   Rules against restrictions in licence agreements
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