Natural resources

Alliuris members have experience across the whole energy and natural resources sector including wind, water, solar, biomass, fossil and technology. This also includes project planning, development, financing, building and operating of power plants of several types – like wind farms, solar, farms, hydro power generators, biomass systems, gas and oil exploration.



Wind is one of the strongest forces for renewable energy onshore as well as offshore. Alliuris firms have supported their clients i.e. Onshore wind farm developers (Brazil), project development of wind parks (Turkey), coal, hydro and other mega power projects (India), manufacturer of towers for wind mills (Germany), material testing systems and testing machines for wind turbines (Germany), project development for onshore wind farms (India), project planning, engineering and testing (Netherlands), general contracting (USA).



Onshore hydro energy comes from rivers and water reservoirs, a nature saving long term investment. Alliuris firms are experienced in many types of projects: hydro developer and builder of schemes (UK), river hydro schemes for developers (UK), project planning and project development (Switzerland), french manufacturer for complete plant and machinery (India), engineering for water energy systems (Brazil), investment in hydro power station (Germany), finance and investment (Switzerland), project planning and development (Netherlands).



The Sun is a never ending source of energy, in southern countries one of the most important elements in the energy mix. Alliuris firms work in various areas: general contracting and project development (Brazil), solar plant project investments (Germany), purchase and corporate structure of solar plant (India), development and acquisition of solar plants (Turkey), manufacturer of electric devices for solar panels, developemnt of solar farms (Italy), development of solar farms (France), investment in solar farms (Spain).



Biomass has become a significant factor in the supply of energy. Alliuris members advise clients in this sector: Obtaining the necessary rights, permits, proceeding leading to permits (USA), project development and investment for biogas plants (Germany), complete project financing documents for biomass plant (India), testing of biomass plant components, project planning and development, general contracting (Switzerland), project planning, finance and investment (Netherlands).



Fossil energy is still an important source for a continous energy supply system, oil, gas and coal. We work in several areas of fossil energy: project development for oil & gas (Brazil), contracting in drilling services for oil, gas & water (Germany), manufacturer of gas production components (India), oil and gas exploration projects and investment (Norway), development of gas-fired power plant (Russia), supplier to oil, gas and offshore wind sector (UK), general contracting (Netherlands).



Projects and Equipment

Alliuris firms have a track record of experience in advising on a number of energy projects. Also we advise manufacturers of parts, tools, machinery, systems and equipment for energy production, transportation, distribution and consumption, as well as engineering, testing, maintenance and service companies in any legal questions related to their business – national and international. This includes power systems, generators, testing machines, offshore noise dumping systems, cables and switch bonds.

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Alliuris members have experience across the whole transportation and logistics sector, including aviation, maritime, rail and supply chain.



Alliuris members have experience across the whole energy and natural resources sector including wind, water, solar, biomass, fossil and technology.



Alliuris members advise a range of clients across the life sciences sector, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare and medical devices companies.



Digital Information systems have had a large and positive impact on our lives, driving social and economic improvement.

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