International Corporate Law

To ensure your establishment in the European and Global market is properly represented, you may need:

  • A representative office
  • A branch office or branch operation
  • A wholly owned subsidiary
  • A joint venture with local partners
  • An operation for production, maintenance, service etc.

To assist you with this, ALLIURIS members offer a range of legal advice and services on:

  • Registration of business entities
  • Formation of new companies
  • Provision of ready made shelf companies
  • Consultation and project management in mergers and acquisitions


No business can survive or grow without adequate financial resources. Growing markets and expanding businesses need the right partners, the best conditions and often individual models for the financing of investments including:

  •    Bank loans
  •    Public subsidies and guarantees
  •    Private equity
  •    Venture capital
  •    Public capital

As well as the financing of sales and exports through:

  •    Bank loans
  •    Export guarantees
  •    Factoring
  •    Finance leasing


Whenever you enter into a business transaction, it is important to optimise the net result of your activities and to make the right choice from the legal and business models available. Our members can provide support to you in relation to

  •   Corporate tax in the country of establishment
  •   Income tax and international inter-company pricing
  •   VAT or turnover tax problems with the state or customers
  •   Real estate taxation in the country of the site
  •   Inheritance tax on assets abroad
  •   Other special taxes and related problems


Having the right people is a substantial factor in the success of a business at home and/or abroad.
It is essential, especially in foreign countries, that you ensure compliance with the legal requirements for that jurisdiction for matters such as:

  •    Individual employment contracts
  •    Foreign work permits
  •    Social security for international staff
  •    Modification of contractual terms and conditions
  •    Termination of employment
  •    Internal company policies and procedures
  •    Co-operation with the workers representatives
  •    Relations with unions
  •    Work place conditions

Litigation & Claims

Our philosophy is to help our clients avoid unnecessary legal problems and conflicts whenever possible. Sometimes however problems arise, that can only be resolved with the help of the courts or other dispute resolution. In such cases we can use our experience in:

  •    Negotiation, mediation and dispute resolution
  •    Short summary proceedings for the recovery of debts
  •    Court proceedings at first instance
  •    Proceedings in courts of appeal
  •    National and international arbitration
  •    National and international enforcement of judgements


Claims Management

ALLIURIS members offer a wide range of claims management activities, especially in cross border matters. Members of the Group contribute to the special system of international  claims management and debt collecting, EuroCash Clearing GmbH. Find more information at

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