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Lyon, 7th September 2018 | The annual Alliuris Summer School 2018 took place in Lyon and was hosted by our partner law firm Cabinet Juridique Saône-Rhône, one of our two member firms in France. 15 participants from Europe and South America were talking about data protection and the GDPR this year. Lawyers from Saône-Rhône and the newly founded Alliuris Legal Lab members were lecturing about that topic and presenting their work to the participants. The Alliuris Legal Lab group has put together a manual for the GDPR of more than a hundred pages including topics like data processing, storing, transfer etc. Once the GDPR manual is completed, all Alliuris firms can use it for their own work. After the official contextual program and during some sightseeing, the group could connect more and enjoy the beautiful city of Lyon while doing some sightseeing.


We thank our partners from Lyon for the great organization and warm welcome of the participants. We highly appreciate their efforts and time in organizing this event for the young lawyers!

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