In Corona

9 June 2020  | Important changes in federal and provincial legislation, filing deadlines and availability of services. This update provides the baseline changes at the federal level and provincial levels (with focus on Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and Alberta) due to COVID-19.



The federal government maintains a website of ongoing measures and responses, as do the provincial governments. The federal government websites, and websites for Ontario and British Columbia are listed below:


The federal government has provided a single resource for all federal legislative changes: Government of Canada’s response to COVID-19. The legislative changes have end dates of note. The central federal legislative acts are:


Two federal legislative orders of note specifically address the importation of medical devices, and ongoing activities of Export Development Canada.



The Insurance Bureau of Canada has prepared an information page on the impacts of COVID-19 on insurance in Canada.



The Canada Revenue Agency has prepared information pages on the changes to taxes and benefits due to COVID-19, and changes to tax filing and payment deadlines due to COVID-19.


Financial Institutions

The federal Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions has prepared an information page on recent updates in relation to COVID-19.



The Canadian Securities Administrators have prepared a COVID-19 information page, as have the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada and the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario.


Labor and Employment

The federal and provincial governments have prepared a significant number of initiatives with respect to wages and benefits due to COVID-19:



The federal government has prepared guidelines and orders on immigration during COVID-19, as well as orders regarding mandatory isolation and amendments to the Immigration and Refuge Act.



The federal government has prepared updates on transportation in light of COVID-19, and regulations regarding ports and seaways.


Intellectual Property

The federal Canadian Intellectual Property Office has prepared an update on CIPO operations due to COVID-19.



The federal Competition Bureau has prepared a statement on competitor collaborations during COVID-19.


Privacy Commissioners

The privacy Commissioners provide information updates on privacy matters due to COVID-19:



The Courts provide information updates on how their procedures have changed as a result of COVID-19, for example:


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