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The Alliuris Summer School 2021 took place online from 20 – 24  July 2021. The summer school was hosted by Herfurth & Partner in Hanover, Germany and moderated and directed by Dr. Christiane Trüe, who is a professor at Bremen University of Applied Sciences.

This year the Summer School focused on interesting topics in digital markets and law. The attendants from several different countries heard speeches and discussed their experiences on Digital Business, Non-Fungible Tokens, Data Ownership and Protection, Trademark Protection in Europe but also Intellectual Property Protection in China as well as Dispute Resolution in China, Litigation and Arbitration.

The Summer School ended with an interactive and fun trademark quiz, in which the participants´ understanding of EU trademarks with well-known or peculiar examples, such as the Lindt bunny was tested.

The participants also had the chance to get together for a virtual toast, hoping to be able to meet in person soon and enjoy once again the social component of the event.

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